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“I’ve been put in the hole…”

Update: Alex has been moved back to general population.

“I’ve been put in the hole, charged with something along the lines of “inciting a disturbance and jeopardizing the safety and security of the institution.

It was a peaceful protest on Unit 5 against the ongoing degradation of the quality of life inside, specifically against early lockup following a week of having been on lockdown for part or all of every day.

The sole demand was to reclaim 30 minutes at the end of the day (lockup at 7 instead of 6:30) so people could have more time to use the phones to call their families when the rates are significantly cheaper. That is also when relatives and friends are home from work and can take calls.

The protesters had indicated they would voluntarily return to their cells at 7:00 but at 6:50, fifty to sixty guards stormed the range and forced everyone into their cells. One guy was tackled, assaulted and dragged off the range in cuffs.

Once everyone was back in their cells, the guards came back and charged me, took me to the hole and I’ve been here since Saturday night.”

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  1. xtofury
    January 17, 2013 at 4:40 pm

    good you are where you belong you criminal piece of shit, and I hope your violent black block buddies someday join you there as well. Lock the whole lot of you criminal scumbags up and throw away the key. By the way you are there cuz of curtis, idiots. HAhAHAHA, looks good on ya.

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